Tefua was originally founded by the president, Mr. Tony Kuo in Sep. 1970. Five years later, the expanded factory in Taoyuan county of Taiwan was established to make pneumatic and hydraulic tools and equipment. It’s a great honor to be the member of Taiwan Machinery Traders’ Association(TMTA) and Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association(THTMA) individually in 1974 and 1977.

We produce hand pullers and electric scooters for the handicapped people plus we traded sales for years and we received an award as an outstanding member of THTMA. In view of the prosperous development of the automotive industry and strong demand for various types of components, our continuous efforts to expanded customer service resulted in successfully developing a line of Automotive parts such as water pumps and a wide range of components for heavy machinery equipment. Our performance in the business field is positively achieved due to long-term relations with our customers and a prestigious rank among customers and competitors. Our customers are happy to recommend us to other companies.

Since 2005, we were accredited by the IAF/MCF FOR QMS, and awarded with the certificate of assessment standard ISO9001:2000. Our consistent goal is continuous improvement in quality, service efficiency in quotation, lead time and schedules, and competitive prices satisfactory to our customers.

Tefua's responsibility and enthusiasm is to keep continuous efforts in innovation, product development, progress in product design improvements and contribute to our customer's success all over the world.